Top 5 Emergency Contraceptive Pill Brands

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Contraceptive Pills
For women who do not wish to get pregnant, emergency contraceptive pills are a blessing. Many rely on some famous contraceptive pill brands like iPill, Unwanted 69 launched by many reliable pharmaceutical industries like Cipla and Piramal. Today, we will talk about the common and highly selling emergency contraceptive pill brands. Take a look.

Many a times men don't believe in having a protected intercourse, for which women will have to suffer badly. These emergency contraceptive pills help them in pregnancy control that too in the most painless ways.

Top 5 Emergency Contraceptive Pill Brands

1. ipill – The contraceptive pill brand offers protection from unplanned pregnancy. A pill taken within 72 hours of unprotected intercourse can control pregnancy and a possible abortion. The product is priced INR 50 - 75 in India and $50 in US. Plan-B is the most popular brand in US.

2. Unwanted 69 – Mankind Pharma's unwanted 69 is also a contraceptive pill brand launched in par with ipill. 69 refers to the number of hours the pill needs to be taken after unprotected intercourse. A pack of unwanted 69 is priced INR 377.

3. T-pill72 – The birth control pill boasts 90% efficacy. The Levonogestral tablets need to be consumed within 72 hours of the unprotected intimacy. Available in all the chemist stores, the best chem emergency contraceptive pill is priced INR 68.50

4. Preventol – The H.L.L life care product provides protection if taken within 3 days. The pill also contains Levonorgestral and said to be reliable and reasonable.

5. Truston – The zero side effect is a morning after pill. A pack of truston contain 2 pills that is said to be effective in terminating pregnancy. Manufactured in Rajkot, the contraceptive pill brand contains the same chemical combination of the two above.

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Story first published: Wednesday, December 14, 2011, 12:54 [IST]
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