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Why Crying Is Good For Your Baby

Sometimes, you never know why your baby is crying. Actually, crying is the language of babies. Your baby is trying to tell you something.

Though most of us perceive crying as a bad thing, it isn't always bad as far as babies are concerned. Sometimes, the crying is to express a need and sometimes, it is done just for attention.

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Baby crying is good for health; Here's why | Boldsky

Actually, health experts say that crying is natural and is also good during that infancy. Here are some reasons why why crying is good for babies.


It Is For The Air!

As soon as a baby steps into this world, he or she starts crying. The first cry of a baby helps a lot in opening up the lungs of the baby to breathe in air. Your baby is breathing in air for the first time!


To Communicate

Crying helps a lot in communicating. Before your baby learns language, crying is the only tool to demand anything from you or take your help. In fact, even when your baby wants a hug or cuddling, crying could be the only way to tell that to you!

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Silence Could Be Dangerous!

Actually, if a baby never cries at all, you need to worry! It is quite natural for babies to cry often. A baby who is too quite all the time could be stressed up or disturbed from within!



Believe it or not; even crying is an exercise! When a baby starts crying, many muscles stretch and the activity works almost like a workout at that age!

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To Feel Better!

Crying also helps release emotions. Yes, even for babies, crying helps in releasing the emotional baggage!

Story first published: Tuesday, June 20, 2017, 16:40 [IST]
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