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How To Relieve Gas In Babies


When babies suffer gas problems, they tend to become sleepless and cranky. When a baby doesn't sleep, even a parent will lose sleep.

Do you know when the gas problems become worse? During the night! That is why you and your baby may lose sleep if there is gas problem.

New born babies tend to take some time to develop digestive capacity. And in that stage, it is common to experience vomiting or gas issues.

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As your baby grows, the digestive system may become better in dealing with food. That is when the gas problems in the baby may naturally subside.

Also, never try to make the baby drink a lot of milk at once. That could cause gas problems and choking. Here are some more facts about gas issues in babies and their remedies.


What Causes It?

Firstly, the gas problems are due to the stressed up large intestine. When it overworks, gas problems could result. Also, babies swallow air which could also cause gas problem.


Is It Due To Your Food?

Sometimes, the gas problems of the baby could also be due to the food the mother consumed. Foods that cause gas may need to be avoided if you are breastfeeding your baby. If your baby displays the symptoms of gas problems even after changing your diet then the reason behind the gas problem is not your diet.

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Does Crying Cause Gas Problems?

Though it might surprise you, even crying could cause gas problems in some babies. Well, when a baby cries, air might go inside. And when a baby swallows air, it could result in gas problems.


Irregular Bowels?

Even the bowel movements may cause gas. If your baby is irregular in passing stools then you can suspect that as the reason behind the gas problem in your baby.


Tip #1

One simple method to relieve the gas problem of the baby is by gently folding the legs of the baby and pressing the folded legs against the stomach of the baby. This procedure helps. But be very careful while pressing the delicate body of the baby. If you are not sure whether you can carefully do this, go to a doctor who will carefully do it without hurting the baby.


Tip #2

Another simple method is carefully massaging the belly of your baby. Move your hand in circles applying very little pressure to boost digestion.


Tip #3

Make your baby sleep on the bed and start moving your baby's legs in circles (like the way the legs move while bicycling). This can prevent constipation and also prevent gas problems.

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Generally, babies tend to release gas at least 10-20 times in the whole day. Babies also burp. Ensure that the baby drinks milk in the right posture. The head should be on a higher level compared to the stomach.


Air Bubbles

Another tip is to ensure that there are no air bubbles in the milk you are feeding through a bottle. Even bubbles can cause gassiness in babies. Also, if you see your baby sucking an empty milk bottle, quickly stop it as the baby may suck in air that causes the gas problem.


Consult A Doctor

If none of the above tips work, don't hesitate to call the doctor. Generally, babies seem very uneasy and uncomfortable when they suffer gas issues. If you notice that along with symptoms like burping or passing gas then talk to your doctor.

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