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7 Mistakes That New Parents Must Never Make

Do you remember the number of mistakes you made when you first started to learn how to ride a bicycle or how to cook?

It is very normal to make a few mistakes when you start doing something for the first time because none of us are perfect.

Well, it is the same with new parents, especially if it is their first child. Child-rearing is a skill and takes a while for the parents to get a good hang of it.

Learning how to handle a newborn's tantrums, the infant's feeding habits, being able to recognise the symptoms of certain diseases, cleaning the baby, etc, can prove to be quite hard initially.

As it is, parenting is not simple and involves a lifetime of sacrifices, so you can only imagine how it can be when the parents are still getting used to having a new baby around.

New parents are often bombarded with advices and suggestions from people all around and they get confused about what is right and what is not, for the well-being of their baby.

In this process of learning, new parents tend to make certain mistakes with their newborns.

Here is a list of mistakes that new parents should avoid making, have a look.


Mistake #1

Avoid worrying or panicking over little things that concern the baby, this can only take away the joy of getting to know your child better. While it is not okay to ignore certain serious symptoms, it is alright if your baby coughs a couple of times or doesn't drink enough milk on a particular day.


Mistake #2

Do not stop your infant from crying out loud. Crying is often a way of communication by the infants; and when you try to stop them, it may lead to psychological complications later on.


Mistake #3

Try not to compare your baby's eating and napping patterns or health statistics with that of the other infants you know. Doing this can induce unnecessary anxiety in you. Learn to accept the fact that every infant is different.


Mistake #4

Avoid feeding milk to the infant using feeding bottles, especially when his/her teeth have started to grow. Feeding bottles can lead to the development of crooked teeth and cavities.


Mistake #5

Try not to ignore your partner or other members of your family. It is natural that you spend most of your time with the new baby, but you must know that other relationships that you have are also important.


Mistake #6

Avoid having loud arguments or fights with your partner in front of the infant. Though you may think that the baby is too young to understand anything, it has been proven by many studies that it may lead to psychological disorders in infants.


Mistake #7

Try not to believe every advice that you read or hear, when it comes to parenting, as they may not be reliable. You know your baby the best and with time, you will learn to cope with the challenges that come in your way.

Story first published: Thursday, June 2, 2016, 13:43 [IST]
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