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How Often Should I Bathe My Newborn Baby?

The process of child-rearing is often associated with both positive and negative things.

Right from the moment a woman conceives, she beings to mentally prepare herself for the compromises she has to make after her newborn arrives.

Having the first look of her child, holding the baby in her arms, feeling the baby's tender skin, etc, are all exceptionally joyful and intimate moments for the mother.

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However, the flip side to it is the part in which she has to take care of the baby's constant needs, clean up after him/her, adapt to his/her daily routine, etc.

Initially, it is rather difficult to tell what the baby needs. Is the milk keeping him/her full? What are his/her napping patterns? How should you clean him/her?

Hundreds of such questions and doubts cloud the mind of a new mother.

Hygiene is one of the important factors that is required to keep a newborn healthy and free from infections. So, regularly cleaning the baby and making sure he/she is given a bath is crucial.

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But, is it safe to bathe a newborn too often? Will the constant contact with water affect his/her still-developing immune system?

If you have these doubts, then read on to find out about some of the bathing tips for a newborn.

Newborn And The Bathing Routine

Maternity experts say that, although maintaining the newborn's hygiene is important, it is not necessary to bathe them on a daily basis. The skin of a newborn can be quite slippery and soft and one has to be highly careful in handling the tender delicate parts to avoid falls or injuries during bath time.

Also, bathing the newborn every day can eliminate the moisture in their tender skin and make the skin dry and flaky. So, it is advisable to bathe them about twice or thrice in a week. It can also make them more prone to common cold and flu if you bathe them daily.

Bathing a newborn requires a lot of practice, as they must be handled with care. The mother must choose a time when she is not in a hurry to bathe the child, so that it can be done perfectly.

Ideally, the newborn can be bathed in a shallow tub or a clean sink, with water that is lukewarm.

On the days that you are not bathing the newborn, you can wipe the baby's face, genitals and bottom with baby wet wipes at regular intervals. You can also use baby powder to keep your baby fresh and clean.

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