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Your Kids’ Toys Are Not As Innocent As They Seem

By Shubham Ghosh

There is no limit to taking care of your children's health. Besides food and clothing, you would also have to take care of their hygiene and ensure that they are protected from things like pollution and weather conditions.

Then there is oral health, dietary concerns, studies, etc. Amid all this, do you care enough for your children's toys?

Yes, this is also an important part of your children's overall health care, as they remain with the metallic or wooden toys for almost throughout the day, and it is always safe to ensure that those pieces are clean and not hazardous for the little one's health.

Why your kids' toys need to be clean?

There is no reason to believe that the toys that your kids play with are equally innocent like them. Yes, they may be funny in their looks and action, but at the same time, they can also be home to many viruses, especially the one having a lot of nooks and depths where our hands don't generally reach. So it is always advisable to sanitise your children's prized possessions for their own good.

How To Clean Toys Made Of Different Materials:

1. Toys Made Of Fur: They are the most difficult companions for your kids. The fur gets dirty in little time and can also cause allergy. So, if you find washing these toys difficult, ensure that you keep them in plastic wraps when not in use. The little extra effort will help you have the furry toys clean for a longer period of time. Hard toys are easier to wash than the plush ones.

2. Electronic Toys: Electronic toys can't be washed for sure, but they need to be cleaned up. So, while handling these types of toys, it is essential that you read the manufacturers' instructions for their maintenance. For cleaning them, first remove the batteries. Use a cloth or paper soaked in solution (almost dry) to wipe the surfaces. Any extra water will damage the toy. Disinfect the toy with an appropriate spray used for other household goods. Re-wipe the surfaces with a wet rag.

3. Plastic Toys: You can always wash the toys, so that they get free of the germs; but in case of a vehicle toy which has a mechanism inside for its rear wheels to turn, water can cause a rust, resulting in the wheels getting stuck. So in case of cars and bikes made of plastic, do not wash with water and just run a wet wipe on the outside surface. Wooden toys can also be washed in the same manner. You can also use soap is you want to be extra safe.

4. Toys Made Of Cloth: For cloth toys, the best way is to wash them in the washing machine once in three-four days. If any toy is remaining unused for a long time, ensure that it is properly cleaned before being used by your children.

5. Outdoor Toys: Things like footballs, basketballs, cricket gear, bicycles, etc., should be washed every day, as they carry the most number of germs because of their use outside the home. Soon after your kids return from home with their playing gear, put them under the tap, so that the dirt gets washed away.

Ways To Wash Toys:

1. Wash with hand

2. Scrubbing with soap and water

3. Wipe with sponge

4. Dipping the toys in a diluted bleach solution

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Story first published: Wednesday, November 2, 2016, 12:17 [IST]
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