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The Coolest Newborn Baby Photos

We all drool over newborn baby photos. In fact, if you are in your early thirties then Facebook and Twitter is all about the first photos of newborn babies. Although babies have no sense of sight or hearing at birth, they do manage strike some curious poses for their first clickable moments. The first newborn baby photo is usually taken in the hospital often in the labour room or operation theatre.

And the expressions that newborn babies give is nothing short of a mircale. These are some of the coolest newborn baby photos that Boldsky has put together for you.


Don't Mess With Me

Hey! I may be tiny to look at but don't rub me the wrong way. If you do then there will be hell to pay!


The Cool Customer

I know I am just a few hours old but my short life has taught be to be calm and composed. Do you see me yell and throw tantrums like other babies?


Fully Clothed

Just because I am baby, my parents did not forget to clothe me. I like to have my first clickable moment being fully clothes and show of my style statement.


The Proposal

Mommy, I know Dad should have done this himself. But since he is so late I will pop the question for him.


The Baseball Boy

This kid is a baseball fan right from birth. Do you really need proof.


Yo Metallica!

Yo man! This is my first feed and I am having a hell of a time! That is heavy metal horns from him!


A Lovely Tan

I got sun kissed skin right from the womb. Looks like mom did some serious tanning.


Please Come Here First

Seriously, I am not so tiny that I have to howl for your attention sister!


The Big Guy

Hey man, I am not obese. haven't you heard of the cute thing called 'baby fat'?


Smile Please

I have just been born; do I really have do all the posing for my life now. Give me a break!

IMAGES COURTESY: @HiyaTaryn @__ebabyy @JimConnolly @LiamSwift87 @parentdish_uk @morrisjillk @Royals @tictacsnake88 @feliceherrig @dramafever @RachelWhiite @UAE_BARQ_EN

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