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Vitamin D Pills Can Reduce Asthma Attacks!

A new study published recently in the journal, Lancet Respiratory Medicine, shows that consuming vitamin D supplements can reduce the risk of severe asthma attacks in adults with mild to moderate asthma by almost 30%.

The research, conducted at the Queen Mary University of London, was designed to evaluate the immune-boosting effects of vitamin D (a finding that has been observed in many studies through the years).

Cheap Way to Treat Asthma

Asthma affects around 5.4 million people in Britain. And most of the deaths caused by it are due to upper respiratory tract infections.

So the purpose of this study was to find an inexpensive way to prevent a life-threatening asthma attack. Although the lead researcher cautioned people to not generalize the findings as they only evaluated adults with mild to moderate asthma for this study.

Will Sunlight Work Too?

While exposure to UVB rays of the sunlight is known to produce vitamin D in our body, only farmers are out in the Sun enough to reap these benefits.

Unfortunately, exposing yourself to sunlight for too long is a surefire way to get diagnosed with skin cancer. Therefore, vitamin D supplements are a great way to reap the benefits without putting yourself in harm's way.

What Now?

While we do not recommend you self-medicate with vitamin D pills if you are an asthmatic (since that carries a high risk of developing hypervitaminosis D), consulting a doctor and keeping your vitamin D levels at their optimal level is always a great idea.

And if it ends up boosting your immunity and reducing the number of asthma attacks, then all the better.

Asthma treatment with Home remedies, अस्थमा (दमा) दूर करेंगे ये घरेलू उपचार | BoldSky

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Story first published: Thursday, October 5, 2017, 14:30 [IST]
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