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Viral: Dog In China Accidentally Drives His Owner's SUV Into Pond After Being Left Alone

If you go around and ask the dog owners about the fun activities their dogs do, I am sure you will get a long list of them. In fact, all of us would love to see those adorable pet dogs doing things to bring a smile on our faces.

But what would be your reaction if you find your dog driving your car into a river or pond? You will be shocked, right? A similar thing happened with a man in China when he found his pet dog driving his SUV into a pond. This hilarious video was captured on a CCTV and netizens couldn't control their laughter.

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The incident took place on 10 December 2019. It was 5:40 PM when Jia, a shopkeeper parked his car near a pond. He then went out to pick a box and his wallet he had left at home while his pet dog Pooch was still inside.

Jia had opened the trunk of the car so that he could easily keep the box in the car. He might have thought of keeping the vehicle's ignition on. It was perhaps then the dog became excited and accidentally shifted the car's gear into drive mode. This resulted in the car moving forward only to fall in the pond.

The man came out of his home to get a huge and terrifying surprise. Seeing his car getting down into the pond and his dog trying to come out of the car through the open sunroof, Jia got panicked. It was then he called out some local people to help him out. He then rescued his dog with the help of local people, a wooden plank and a stick.

However, we don't know what happened to the car but the dog was surely rescued.

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You may find it hilarious but think about the situation if the dog would have drowned completely with the SUV. What if the man couldn't come out on time and rescued the dog?

Moreover, we can only imagine the pain Jia would have gone through to get his car out of the pond. Therefore, it is better to be cautious when you leave your pet inside the car as they are themselves not so intelligent to understand the good or bad.

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