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She Bought Fake Braces And Then This Happened!

A dentist by the name of Azila shared a post on her Facebook page about a Malaysian woman who had recently suffered from swollen lips and high fever. The patient had apparently suffered from this condition within just a week of wearing fake braces.

The doctor shared the post to make people aware of the consequences on using fake and cheap stuff.

Check out the details of the entire case below.


The Patient Tried It To Make A Fashion Statement!

The victim, who is known by the surname Johor, had apparently admitted that she opted for cheap braces since all of her friends and colleagues had been wearing them.


The Doctor Shared The Details

The doctor named Azila revealed in her post that many women wore braces to follow a fashion trend. She even added that there were very few of them who actually needed to align their teeth and the rest have been using it to make a fashion statement.


The Victim Chose A Cheap Dentist

Apparently, the woman claimed that she did her research and found a cheap dentist after which she got herself a set of braces fixed. It just took one week for her health to deteriorate!


Her Lips Swelled Up In A Week’s Time

She suffered from high fever and her lips became swollen. The medics revealed that her condition was so bad that her lips were filled with pus! With such a severe condition she was bedridden for three days.

Later, the doctors treated her and now she is recovering. So let us know if you would opt for a cheap treatment like this.

Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Story first published: Tuesday, March 19, 2019, 18:06 [IST]
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