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Everything About The '10-year Challenge' You Need To Know

There are so many challenges and fads that come up on the Internet these days and the trend of doing something crazy has been a hit.

The latest challenge to get netizens hooked on to the Internet is the latest '10-year Challenge'.

This is a "challenge" that is not actually challenging! Once the trend hit the net, there are over millions of pictures that people have been sharing on their social accounts with their photos with hashtag #10yearchallenge.

Check out more details about the whole challenge...

All About The Challenge

All that you need to do is post a photo of yourself from the year 2009 next to a picture of yourself in the present year 2019! You can caption it with whatever you want. That's it!

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The Whole Idea About This Challenge Is

The whole idea about the 10-year Challenge is a wholesome, socially acceptable way in which you can brag about how hot you had been in the past or how hot you are now, or in other ways on how hot you were and continue to be!

Mixed Reactions

While many people have posted pictures of their ageing in the last 10 years, there are those transgenders and queers who have shared their painful throwback pictures and their present happy times.

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It Is Not All About The 10-year Challenge

With the challenge of becoming a super hit on social media, people are not only posting pictures that are dated 10 years back but even 60 years old throwback pictures!

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What do you think should be the next crazy challenge according to you? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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