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This Norwegian Island Will Be The World’s First Time-Free Zone!

By Nia

An island in Northern Norway is one such place where the sun does not set for entire 69 days! Well, this place is also known for its enduring long polar nights, when the sun doesn't rise from November to January every year.

This special island is named Sommaroy where the residents try to make the most of their summertime since the sun stays up in the sky from May 18 to July 26. The sun does not set here for a full 69 days during the summer.

During this time, the conventional timing of the daytime is virtually ignored, as you could see the locals do all kinds of things at late hours of the 'night'.
One can see people even at 3 am doing their household chores or swimming or even playing ball in their yards at an odd time.

Since it's always daylight, people tend to sleep whenever they feel like. And this is not something new as the locals claim that the practice of spending the summer has been like this for generations.

The locals of the island want to officially declare the island as a time-free zone. The locals claim that even at 2 am one can spot kids playing soccer, people painting their houses or even mowing their lawns, or people going for a swim.

The locals believe that getting the place recognised as a time-free zone is nothing but formalising something that has been practised for generations now. While the locals are keen on getting this tag, the place has received a large number of tourists after the plan was announced.

The locals have already met a member of Norway's Parliament to whom they have handed over their petition with signatures and discussed in detail about the practical and legal implications for their application.

It is said that if the locals become successful in making the petition a success, then the 300-plus inhabitants of Sommaroy plan to make school and office hours more flexible by ignoring them on the regular traditional hours of the day.

On the other hand, the Sommaroy island was already known as the 'land that time forgot', and the bridge that leads to the island from the mainland is often seen with long lines of watches strapped around the bridge instead of the padlocks that we generally see on other bridges around the world.

Check out the video.

Story first published: Wednesday, June 26, 2019, 12:30 [IST]
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