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He Was Scared On Discovering His Lost Things In A Box!

What if your partner has been hiding something from you and when you discover the fact it leaves you feeling creepy?

This is one such case of a young man who turned to Reddit to share the story of a strange box that he found at his girlfriend's place while he was going through her stuff.

Check out the details of the bizarre discovery of the stuff he found at her place.


He Was At Her Place And Was Bored

Apparently, the man claimed that he was getting bored while he was relaxing, hence he decided to check the box that was lying in his girlfriend's closet. The discovery left the man frozen as he found some of the most bizarre items.


The Box Contained

The box contained some items that he used to own, and it included a toothbrush, receipts and boxer shorts. But he was disgusted when he found that there were some bizarre things in the box. This included hair, toenail clippings and even the used condom of the man!


He Claimed They Never Fought!

Though he was in a relationship with the woman for over a year, he claimed that the couple hardly had any arguments as the relationship was going strong and they loved each other.

The Entire Post Read

Read the entire post here...


He Wanted People To Help Him Out

The genuinely scared man shared his case and wanted the netizens to share their opinions on what he should do as he was freaking out. While some claim that he should confront her and dump her, there are those who even labelled her as a ‘witch.'

What do you think the man should do? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Story first published: Wednesday, March 6, 2019, 12:03 [IST]
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