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Meet Yash Shah: "The Rubber Man Of India"

Doing Yoga makes us feel that it is quite an easy task to bend our body in the weirdest position possible. But when we practice it, we actually realise on how intense the workout really is!

Similarly, when we do see so many youngsters bend their body in the weirdest of positions, it makes us feel like doing it is quite an effortless task, unless we try something that strange!

Here, in this case, we reveal to you about the real-life story of a young man named Yash Shah who is all upto breaking the world record for being the most flexible man.

This young lad is known to have broken a few records already and is looking forward for making a new world record.

The most inspiring thing about this man's story is that he has been inspired by just watching just videos online and being focused on achieving his dreams!

Here are some of the most interesting facts that you need to know about this young man who has become an inspiration for youngsters.

Check it out...

About His Early Life

Yash Shah is an Indian, who was born and raised in Surat, Gujarat, India. In his early teens, he started practicing yoga. When he was 17 years, he was inspired by Daniel Browning Smith, who is an American contortionist.

He Followed His Inspiration

Yash began to practice yoga initially by watching online videos of Smith. With an intense and hardcore practice of over a year, Yash became quite flexible with his practice. Currently, he has 2 world records and 1 national record to his credit.

He Was Encouraged By His Grandfather

It was Yash Shah's grandfather Ramlal Kanyalal who encouraged him to become a contortionist, as he ensured that Yash went through the rigorous practice. Like a true coach, his grandfather made sure that Yash learnt and did all the acts that show the contour techniques.

Meet The Most Flexible Man In The World

About His Skills

With intense practice, Yash has an extremely flexible body. His flexibility level makes him easily rotate his head 180° backwards. He can also dislocate himself from both his shoulders. Apart from this, his body is so flexible that he can rotate his torso 180° backward, while he can also rotate each of the hands more than 360°. This rubber man is also blessed with his advanced front bending range, as he can rotate his legs at 360° as well!

He Was Labelled As The Rubber Boy

His flexibility and body-bending abilities are incredible which stunned people in the town. With such skills of bending his body in the most weirdest way, Yash was labelled as the Rubber Boy of his town. He apparently started practicing this rubber-limbed skills at young age, which increased his flexibility levels. Yash can apparently squeeze his body through a tennis racket as well!

It Was Not An Easy Task To Be This Flexible

Apparently, when Yash was questioned, he revealed on how painful his practice sessions had been when he initially started practicing. But over a period of time, he revealed that his pain had subsided.

His Medical History

A medic named Dr. Rajiv Chaudhary apparently claimed that Yash suffers from a genetic disorder which as a result has made him extra-flexible, especially with his ligaments. When Yash approached an orthopedic practitioner, the doctor found that the flexibility level of Yash's body seemed to be very unique, as it was found only in a few people.

His Special Skills Include

His mother feels proud that Yash is different from the others who can turn his body in any direction, unlike others, and believes that his flexibility is God's gift. His mother first approached every yoga and gym trainer in Surat to train him more but they replied Yash already knows all the techniques. His parents are now looking for a coach to train Yash who is having an astonishing bendy and hyper-flexible skills.

His Goal In Life

Yash's aim is to get a place in the Guinness Book of World Records and the Limca Book of Records and win the title of India's most flexible human being, which was made by Jaspreet Singh, who is a 17 year old boy from Ludhiana. He was labelled as the 'Most Flexible Indian'. Currently, Yash has taken a break from his studies, as he is pursuing his passion and wishes to be world famous one day.

Yash is also currently being featured in the leading magazines and newspapers for his unique ability. We here at Boldsky wish him all the luck for his future endeavors.

Wish to read more such inspiring stories? Then, share your thoughts with us and we shall feature them in our section.

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Story first published: Wednesday, May 16, 2018, 17:03 [IST]
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