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    Granny With A Melting Face Refuses To Undergo A Surgery!

    When we are depressed, we think the entire world's problems are on our shoulders. But we need to go around and see what are other's problems and in no time, we realise that our issues are just NOTHING!

    Here, in this article, we are sharing the real-life story of a grandmother named Wiang Boonmee 63, suffers from a rare face melting condition.

    Even though the doctors have offered to perform a surgery on her, she simply refuses, as she fears of dying on the operation table!

    Check out on this bizarre case of the woman with the melting face.


    She Is From Thailand...

    Wiang Boonmee is from the north-east region of Bangkok, Thailand, and works as a flower seller on the busy streets of the city. Due to her condition, she has turned blind and needs her daughter's assistance to reach her place.


    She Suffers From A Rare Condition

    Her condition is known as ‘Neurofibromatosis', which is a genetic condition that often begins in childhood and causes benign tumours to grow on the nerve tissue. She claims that she suffers from this rare condition since her childhood.

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    When The Locals Contacted The Health Welfare Association

    Seeing her condition, people approached the nearby health care welfare association and asked to help the grandmother. When she was approached by the doctors, she straightaway refused to undergo any surgery and claimed that she is happy the way she is!


    Her Fear For Surgery

    When the doctors tried convincing her, she revealed why she feared undergoing a surgery. She believes that if she has an operation, then she might never wake up alive! She fears she might not be able to survive it and hence wishes to be in the same condition for the rest of her life.

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    Her Rare Condition Seeked Attention

    Her rare condition seeked a lot of attention from the media and the locals. Many were scared, while a few respected her way of accepting her condition.


    A Local Revealed…

    People around love her for the courage of working hard and earning money instead of begging. A local revealed: "I am sure she has a hard life but she is still working hard. She does not beg. She sells flowers and other small things. I'd really like to see her receive help."

    We, here at Boldsky, too hope she receives help for her medical condition soon.

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