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    Watch Her Unbelievable Makeup Transformation

    Makeup can be the best way to cover different kinds of scars. However, what happens when a person uses makeup for a complete transformation?

    Well, a video of a Chinese woman has shocked the Internet after the woman posted an unbelievable transformation, on how she uses makeup and new beauty prosthetics.

    Her Makeup Transformation Is Crazy

    In the video, the woman is seen applying tapes to her cheeks and even affixing a prosthetic nose, as part of the new 'sculpture' makeup trend that has been sweeping entire Southeast Asia.

    Qi Huahua is seen using moisturisers and primers to prep her face. She is then seen enhancing all her facial features, using a series of coloured contact lenses, foundation, eyebrow powder, eyeshadow, double eyelid tape and not to forget even fake eyelashes!

    As you watch the video, toward the finish, the woman seems to be extremely unrecognisable. According to reports, the cosmetics rage has been contrasted with cosplay, and once the person removes the makeup she seems to be completely unrecognisable!

    People who have watched the video are left stunned by the video, with one individual writing: "This is the reason I have trust issues".

    "These days date in the rain is a MUST," one individual remarked, earning more than 1500 preferences.

    "What sort of witchcraft?", addresses another.

    "I can't cover the littlest pimple all over", mourns one lady.

    What do you think of this woman's transformation? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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