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    Real-life Story Of Sisters Who Took A Shower For 10 Hours Every Day!

    Twin Sisters Amanda & Sara Eldritch: STORY of weird habit of taking shower for 10 hrs | Boldsky

    This is a true story of twin sisters who gained international attention in 2015 when they received surgery to treat their obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). They were found dead recently.

    The sisters namely Amanda and Sara Eldritch were found with fatal gunshot wounds.

    Real-life Story Of Sisters Who Took A Shower For 10 Hours Every Day!

    But what makes their story different is their lifestyle and how the twins spent their childhood battling their OCD!

    Check out their story and, we bet, it will move you to a great extent.


    Their Mother Describes Them As

    Mother of the twins - Amanda and Sara Eldritch - describes them as "creative, artistic, intelligent, compassionate, kind and generous" individual souls who loved animals, especially their three dogs.


    They Took Showers For 10 Hours!

    Sara and Amanda Eldritch would take showers, which lasted for atleast 10 hours. They were inseparable and as a practice of staying clean, they would go through five bottles of rubbing alcohol every day. They wanted to disinfect their skin until it burned.

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    They Hardly Left Home….

    The sisters hardly ever left their home. If they had to venture out, then they would stop eating and drinking hours in advance. This was to dehydrate their body, so that they could avoid using public restrooms.


    They Were Diagnosed With OCD

    While the twins were young teens, they were diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder. They believed that their lives were consumed with disgust at everything around them. They felt everything around them was filthy and needed to be cleaned.


    Their Phobia Got Worse

    As the young girls hit their puberty, their phobias only became worse. It is reported that they would each get through an entire bar of soap during each shower, scrubbing until they removed a top layer of their skin!

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    They Underwent A Surgery

    When the sisters were 13 years old, they considered committing suicide. They lost their friends' circle, as they were often spending hours cleaning up themselves. The sisters underwent a ground-breaking surgery, which drew national attention, as they were the first patients in Colorado to undergo a surgical therapy for deep brain stimulation. This therapy was commonly used on Parkinson's patients to treat OCD.

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    About The Surgery

    The deep-brain stimulation surgery was the twins' last resort. In this procedure, doctors placed electrode wires under the skin of each woman's head, neck and shoulder. Then, the doctors hooked up the wires to a neurostimulator, which is also referred to as a battery pack. This was later implanted in each of their chests. The surgery allowed the twins' doctor to apparently control the impulses from the neurotransmitter.

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    The Surgery Was A Success

    The girls condition seemed to improve over a period of time. Sara, one of the sisters, told the hospital: "I feel like I can identify my anxiety, and I feel like I can deal with it." While Amanda said: "I'm really excited to not feel like I'm at war with my own existence, I can be functional enough to go get a job and make a difference. There's a world out there I want to be a part of."


    Their Story After The Surgery

    The twin sisters had claimed in an interview that they had seen "huge improvements." They were cleaning and showering far less, and finding more time to leave the house. On the other hand, Sara said she felt like her body had been hijacked for like 30 years, and then she started to get a little bit of control back.

    But Their Lives Ended In A Tragic Way

    Even though the sisters seemed to be leading a regular life, battling all the odds they faced, they lost their battle and killed themselves. This story only proves to us that a human mind can be so weak and succumb to most things, unless it is controlled in the right manner.

    What do you think about this story? Let us know in the comment section below.

    Story first published: Sunday, April 8, 2018, 12:32 [IST]
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