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    This Eerie-looking Town Has UFO-shaped Houses

    Though there are many mysteries that surround the existence of the UFOs, there is no concrete evidence of aliens existing.

    Inspired by the UFOs a certain developer decided to build houses that look like UFOs.

    Eerie Ghost Town Has Houses Shaped Like UFOs

    The project was started in Taiwan where the buildings were named as the "Sanzhi UFO Pod City."

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    The whole idea was intended as a vacation resort property, and plans were made to market them to American military officers coming off East Asian postings.

    But unfortunately, the entire plan of creating the UFO city was a failure since the start as a huge ceremonial dragon statue which was placed at the venue was destroyed so that construction vehicles could more easily access the site during construction.

    Apart from this, there were many suicidal cases of the construction workers that left the developers leave the project mid way.

    It is reported that over 20,000 skeletal remains were found from the site. These were the remains of the 17th century Dutch soldiers and people believed that there is a lot of paranormal activities that take place at the site.

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    Though many believe this place is haunted, one can visit this eerie place with their cameras to capture some unique UFO-shaped houses.

    Would you dare to visit this place? Let us know in the comment section below.

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