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    The Transformation Of This Boy Will Leave Everyone Surprised!

    With a lot of evolution happening in the field of science, there have been new technologies that have been getting introduced to an ordinary man.

    Different types of surgeries are performed for different purposes. While some are cosmetic, others are health related. Here, we bring you a unique case of a young boy who suffers from Crouzon Syndrome; and his transformation will stun you.

    The boy, whose identity was not revealed, was born with a strange genetic disease known as "Crouzon Syndrome."

    For those who do not know what "Crouzon Syndrome" is, it is a condition which is characterised by the malformations of the skull and face, which is derived from an abnormal skull-facial fusion.

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    In this condition, it does not allow the facial bones to grow in a regular pattern, which thereby leads to deformity.

    A doctor named Alexander Stratoudakis from the Hellenic Craniofacial Center (HHC), in Athens, Greece, is known for treating such cases and it was on his website that this young boy's transformation got all the attention from.

    It is reported that the diagnosis of this disease can be made through genetic cytology examination during pregnancy, or as soon as the baby is born or is in the first year of life. But, unfortunately, in many of the cases that have been reported, it has only been detected at two years of age, when the deformities start to appear.

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    Surgery was performed on the little boy which consisted of aligning several bones of the face, and after this, a device was placed called the "osteogenic distractor" which is known to stimulate and also direct the growth of bones.

    The young boy had significant progress in his ability to breathe and also with the vision after the operations.

    It is reported that many people who suffer from this condition often need a breathing device during sleep and are believed to have double vision as well.

    The results of the transformation of this young boy can make anyone happy, and you would also be glad to know that this boy can continue leading a normal life now. All thanks to technology and the surgeons involved.

    Did you like reading the story? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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