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    She Romanced With '80' Married Men To Have A Great Sex Life

    Most of us would dream of having a perfect romantic relationship, but what happens if you are left alone and not have a partner who would satisfy all your needs and desires?

    Well, this is the case of a woman who has a weird fetish, which can rather be considered a passion of being involved with married men in a sexual way!

    She Sleeps With Married Men To Just Experience Good Sex!

    This is the case of a woman who has been in a relationship with over 80 married men just for the sake of sex and claims that she enjoys this experience in a different way!

    Why People Are Obsessed With Sex??

    Check on to know more about her desires and needs...

    She Is A Widow!
    This woman, named Louise Van Der Velde, has been in a relationship with over 80 married men! She claims that she is in the relationship with them just for the sake of having sex and claims that she enjoys with them in a different way.

    About Her Life
    Apparently, she is a doctor's widow who is blessed with 2 kids and yet she claims that she loves to indulge in such affairs because she did not wish to compromise on her sexual life after her husband's death.

    Her Profession
    Louise is a sex therapist by profession and she believes how important it is for one to have a healthy sexual relationship in life.

    How Does She Manage To Meet So Many Married Men?
    Well, she revealed that she meets most of the men through a dating site. She also claims that she ensures that her kids are not affected by her so-called affairs.

    Few Of The Women Also Know About This Affair
    Louise also revealed that many of her lover's wives knew about their husband's affair, yet they chose to ignore it.

    Her Take On Life
    Louise's take on life is different and she claimed it as, "All this 'till death do us part' nonsense assumes monogamy works for everyone. This is not realistic and not in line with human nature. In order for love and passion to re-enter a marriage, there are other ways. This is why living my sex life to the max and educating people about the future of love is my life's work."

    She Claims Ghosts Get Intimate With Her While She Is Sleeping

    What do you think of her take on enjoying life? Let us know in the comment section below.

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