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Can You Believe A Priest Breaks Coconuts On Devotees' Heads Here!

There are so many beliefs and rituals that we Indians follow. With the fear of not hurting the Gods, we tend to follow and do things which at times might even give us physical pain!

Here is one such example where a temple in Tamil Nadu is seen practising a bizarre, painful ritual where the devotees' heads are smashed using a coconut.

people break coconuts on devotee’s head

The coconuts are smashed on the heads of the devotees during a particular festival time, and people are not afraid to sit in a line and let the priest break a coconut on their heads.

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Here is the video.

This ritual is a part of a thanksgiving festival in southern India, and the footage was filmed in Mettu Mahadanapuram, Tamil Nadu. It shows the Hindu-Tamil worshippers during the annual Aadi Perukku festival undergoing the painful-looking ritual.

According to reports, more than 1,000 devotees took part in the practice at the Sri Mahalakshmi Temple as part of a celebration of the life-giving properties of water.

If the devotees are hurt during the ritual, sacred ash called "viboothi" and turmeric is applied to the wounds.

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Even though the practice has drawn criticism from authorities such as the State Human Rights Commission due to the number of injuries sustained during the festival, people still tend to follow this.

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Story first published: Tuesday, August 7, 2018, 18:00 [IST]
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