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Video: Girl Was Pushed To Death During A Disaster Drill

In college when we are asked to be a part of a drill, in order to prevent tragedies, we need to think about the pros and the cons thoroughly before we go ahead and be a part of the demo.

This case of a college student who volunteered to be a part of a disaster training, unfortunately, lost her life as the trainer pushed her at the last moment and she lost her life in the incident.

This unfortunate incident could have been avoided if the girl was not hesitant or got cold feet before she took the plunge. She was seen crouching on the edge of the 2nd floor and seemed to look too scared to follow the trainer's instructions to jump.

The disaster preparedness instructor asked the girl to jump, and she seemed to be reluctant, but the trainer seemed to be focused on showing the act as he pushed the girl down.

The Video of the incident is quite distressing as the girl is seen hitting her head on the ledge of the floor below.

Though the girl was rushed to the hospital, the girl lost her life on the way.

So, the next time you wish to be a part of any such event, ensure that you check for all the possibilities of losing your life or even getting life-changing injuries.

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