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Mysterious Case Of Missing Man Who Was Found After Fig Tree Grew From The Seed In His Stomach

There are so many cases of people going missing and their loved ones even perish with the hope of finding them someday.

There are very few who are lucky to find their lost ones this way. Here is an example of a Turkish Cypriot who had been missing for the past 40 years and was finally found dead after a fig tree grew from his stomach!

Sounds crazy, right? Check out the details on what led to the discovery of Ahmet Hergune's body.


He Died In A Cave

Ahmet Hergune was reported to have been thrown into a cave with three other men from his troop. He and the rest of the men died from the force of an explosion.

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His Murder

His assailants who were believed to be Greek Cypriots hated the Turkish Cypriots. They apparently threw a stick of dynamite into the cave and shut the men inside. All the men died in the blast.


The Mysterious Theory Of How The Fig Tree Grew

When the men were killed the impact blew the side of the cave. As a result, sunlight filtered into the cave right above Ahmet's body.

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Ahmet Had Eaten A Fig

It is believed that Ahmet had eaten a fig and the seed in his stomach grew roots with the help of sunlight, and it later became a fully formed tree.


The Curiosity Lead To The Discovery Of His Body

His body was discovered in an accidental way where a researcher in the area was curious to know how a fig tree ended up in the mountainous region as it was an unusual place where a fruit tree could grow, especially the fig tree. He began digging around the tree to find out if it was planted there. And to his horror he discovered a body beneath the roots of the tree.


His Other Troop Members Were Found Too

While Ahmet's body was found with the roots of the fig tree, the research team also found two more corpses and the remains were found to belong to Ahmet and his two companions.

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His Family Finally Found The Answers

Ahmet was lucky enough as he had his family who shared their DNA tests to confirm that it was his body. His sister who turned 87 years was finally at peace when she understood how her brother met his end.

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May His Soul Rest In Peace

With such a mysterious way in which one discovered his body makes us wonder how many such cases of missing people from around the world would be waiting to meet a decent end.

What do you think of this case? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Story first published: Tuesday, September 25, 2018, 21:17 [IST]
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