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    Guy Undertaking The Kiki Challenge Gets Hit By A Car

    Kiki challenge is a worldwide sensation now, and people are getting psyched and enthusiastic to perform this challenge, even though the challenge has been banned.

    Here is a video of a man who is seen taking on the Kiki Challenge and he gets hit by a running car. The man was lucky enough to have survived this accident as it looks really brutal!

    Guy Almost Got Killed By Kiki Challenge

    In the video, a Florida man seems to get knocked down by a car while he was attempting the famous "In My Feelings" challenge.

    The man in the scene, Jaylen Norwood from Boynton Beach, is seen exiting the car as the song plays in the background and starts dancing on the road. Moments later, he seems to slip down on a patch of oil, and then, a car is seen coming in his direction which hits him hard!

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    The man, Jaylen thought that he had the whole thing planned out as he was going to dance and then jump on the hood of the oncoming car and continue the dance, but poor Jaylen seemed to get nervous at the last moment as he panicked and slipped on the oil which resulted in him getting hit by the car.

    The video then cuts to a clip of him showing his cuts and smiling for the camera. The incident didn't injure him much, except for a scraped arm.

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    It only makes us think about why someone would take the risk to do this. Share your thoughts about the same in the comment section below.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, August 8, 2018, 17:44 [IST]
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