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    Donald Trump Tops The Google Image Search Result For 'Idiot'

    People mock and bully Donald Trump. This has been happening from the time he has stood up for elections in the USA. Since that time to the present scenario, where he is even ruling the country, it seems like people leave no stone unturned to bully him.

    In a strange search result, it has been revealed that the term "IDIOT" when googled on the biggest search engine Google showed the image of Donald Trump!

    Donald Trump tops image search as idiot

    Since the time the news has gone viral, people are intentionally taking digs at the US President, and there is no brutality check on bulling Trump that has been taking place.

    Mr Trump has been a significant search term on Google since the time he started running for the US presidential election campaign.

    However, there is little that he could have expected or even imagined that the term 'idiot' on Google would show up the same result as his face!

    The site on which Trump's image as "idiot" appears seems to be a blog and the content about the section reveals:

    I hate liars.
    That means I hate republicans.
    I despise willful ignorance.
    That means I despise lazy conservatives who vote against
    themselves based on fox fake news bullshit.

    So, this reveals the intentional dig taken at the President. However, the strange thing that leaves us confused is that the second person to top the list of the most searched term idiot is none other than Isaac Newton as his image ranked as the second one.

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    Let us know if you too Googled the term "IDIOT" to check. For more exciting happenings around the world, check our section Insync.

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