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Painful Video Of Live Tick Being Removed From Patient’s Ear!

There have been reports of some of the bizarre things being found in human body parts.

Here is a disturbing video of a tick found in the patient's ear. The creepy tick will leave you with a cringy feeling as the tick refuses to budge and come out.

The man had a piece of his ear flesh being taken off by the tick as it refused to come out of his ear.

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Check out the more details of this bizarre incident.


The Patient Was In A Lot Of Discomfort

The patient whose identity was not revealed complained of severe pain in his ear. When the doctors examined his ear, they found a tick living in his ear.


The Tick Was Swollen And Grey

The doctors found that the blood-sucking tick had nestled in the man's ear canal and it looked like it had been there for a while as there were droppings around it.

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In The Video

In the video footage, the swollen tick seems to be hard to remove as the bug had its head stuck in the patient's skin. While the doctor tried removing it, the video showed that the legs of the tick being waved wildly.


It Pulled Off A Small Piece Of Skin

It pulled off a small piece of skin where it had been feeding on after the doctor struggled to pull it out. The patient was at instant ease even though his skin had come out.

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Ticks Are Known To Spread Lime Disease

Ticks are known to be usually harmless. The bites of the ticks are said to be painless, and they would feed for around a week before dropping off in general. According to researchers, the tick bites can become infected if the bug is not removed properly and there are chances of the patient getting Lime disease.

Check The Video

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