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He Drank Her Blood And Roasted Her Brain And Ate It

There are so many bizarre cases of cannibalism that are disturbing, and this piece of article is not for the weak-hearted souls as it reveals the gothic details of a murder and cannibalism.

This is the case of a man who butchered his older girlfriend and drank her blood. He even roasted her brain and enjoyed it, and all that he did was blame Satan for his horrendous act!

Check out the case of the man who murdered his girlfriend and roasted her brain and drank her blood.


He Killed His Older Lover

Dmitry Luchin is a 23-year-old man who butchered his older lover. He roasted her brain and ate it. He apparently tore out her insides. He tried to summon the devil, but the court found him to be guilty of murder and jailed him for 19 years.

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He Committed The Crime By Killing Her With A Wine Bottle

He killed her by smashing a wine bottle repeatedly over her head before he dismembered her body with a meat cleaver. He later 'roasted' her brain, ate it while 'drinking her blood' and tore out her insides.


He Was Obsessed With Reading About Serial Killers

According to reports, he was obsessed with reading about serial killers. Hence, he planned the woman's murder carefully and executed it most evilly.

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He Liked The Taste Of Her Brain

He told the cops that he liked the taste of her brain and hence decided to nibble some more of it. He even cut the victims ears and stuffed one inside the mouth of the victim and threw the other in his cat's bowl.


He Painted With Her Blood

He not only drank her blood but also used her blood to daub a sign of the devil on a door. He even wrote the word ‘Wh*re' on the victim's abdomen with purple-coloured nail polish.


He Wrote A Poem To Explain He Was Innocent

It was revealed that the man wrote a bizarre poem to claim he was innocent during his case hearing. But unfortunately, his medical reports claimed that he was perfectly fine and found to be guilty.

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He Was Punished

We are glad, the man was found guilty, and the judge sentenced him to 19 years of prison.

What do you think of this bizarre case? Share your thoughts below in the comment section.

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