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WTF! Video Of The Actress Who Got Possessed During A Shoot!

Do you believe in ghosts? There are so many creepy things that happen around us if we believe in ghosts!

A recent video has gone viral from Cambodia, which purportedly shows chaos occurring on a shooting set, where a horror film was being shot and the actress was believed to have become possessed by a spirit.

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The creepy video has been shared in the article below and read on to find out more details about it.


She Got Possessed During The Shoot

According to reports, it is believed that while shooting for the horror film, this Cambodian actress had allegedly become possessed by a spirit. She apparently attacked a co-star and injured her, as she tried to choke and harm her with a thin wire.

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In The Video

In the video, one can see the actress sitting curled up to the wall and eerily staring at the crew members. The entire crew seems to have gathered in a single room while the actress was in the other room.


The Crew Was Pleading…

The crew members are seen pleading to the spirit to leave the actress and their sets. We wonder what happened next, as the video ends abruptly, which surfaced on social media, and is now being widely shared.

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There Has Been No Confirmation About The Incident

According to various reports, there have been no confirmation regarding the incident. This makes one wonder if it was a prank or did the actor actually really feel possessed.

Watch The Video

Here, the entire event was captured by a crew member with a message in Khmer, which when translated on Google reads as, "This is the unfortunate fact that there is something spiritual to come to our team, it's the first time that happened during the shoot, it happened to me, the camera team, the story we filmed was ‘room spirit room', they were nervous, and it was related to my aunt and the true spirit, the room of the room."


Similarly, Ranveer Singh Was Also Reported To Be Possessed While Shooting…

It is reported that even Ranveer Singh had apparently behaved in a bizarre way while he was shooting for the movie "Padmavaat".


Is It Psychological Or Real?

We ain't sure if these things really happened or is it just the psychological impact of things that happen in the brain. What do you think? Share your thoughts about the same in the comment section below.

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