When A Woman Decided To Chop Off Her Man's Genitals!

A person can do anything when he/she is angry and one needs to understand that anger has no boundaries, as it can make a person do any drastic thing!

There have been several cases noticed where people have killed their own family members in a fit of anger. They have totally lost control of themselves and have only regretted about it at a later point, when it was too late.

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One such case is of a woman who is believed to have chopped off her husband's penis over a trivial issue. Check out details of this bizarre incident below.


The Couple Is From South Korea…

The couple was believed to be loving and caring by the neighbours when this bizarre incident happened. It is said that the woman from Yeosu attacked her 50-year-old spouse with a kitchen knife in a fit of rage, while he was asleep.


The Reason For The Attack

According to the sources, it is believed that the woman had lost her patience with her husband, who was addicted to playing golf. She revealed that she felt he did not pay enough attention to her.


She Chopped Off His Male Part…

She waited for the man to sleep, after which she attacked him. The ordeal did not end there, as the woman went ahead and flushed his penis in their bathroom while the man laid there in pain.


A Neighbour Helped Him...

A neighbour heard the poor victim crying in his flat. When he checked on the door, he found that the man was wincing in pain on the floor. The bizarre incident shocked their neighbours, who claim that the couple had a "good relationship".


She Was Arrested For Her Crime…

The woman was arrested and the man is recovering currently. The woman claimed that she did this out of frustration. This is not the only case where a woman has chopped a man's penis, there have been other instances as well.

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A Similar Case Happened In India Too

A woman in Tamil Nadu had apparently cut off her husband's genitals after the couple had a bad fight. She had alleged that the man was having an extra-marital affair. The woman even carried the severed part in her purse!


The Man Was Attacked Because…

According to the sources, the woman had lost her cool when her husband used to repeatedly tell her that she had grown old and he was going to get married to another woman.


All These Reasons Do Not Justify The Act!

Even though most of us think that chopping off the penis is the best punishment a rapist can get, we wonder what's happening to our society where every other day we get to hear about such cases. Can such reasons really justify the act in the first place?

What is your take on this? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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