This Website Will Stop You From Surfing Adult Content Ever

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An idle person's mind is the devil's workshop and most of the time when a man is left alone, all he can think of is check some porn stuff in the spare time.

With so many websites that we browse, getting access to porn is quite easy and an adult website like the one we are going to talk about will change your mind forever!

We bet, you would think twice before you log into any other website after getting a reality check from this adult website.

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This is a functional website that has been created to curb adult content browsing.

The reason behind creating this website will shock one and all. Find out what is so shocking about this website!


Which Site Is It?

‘Girls of Paradise' is one of the escort websites on the Internet. When one logs into this site, one is welcomed with images of girls who are skimpily dressed. All the details about the prostitutes, even their menstruation date is given! Cool, right?


There Is A Twist!

The moment you choose a girl and open the window to chat with her, things seem to be perfect and once the chat gets steamy, you will get the shock of your life as it would show photos of her battered face and how this particular prostitute was killed by a client because he was violent!


You Might Think It Is A Technical Glitch!

Without reading the entire details, you would close the window to just open a new chat window with another prostitute, but you will finally find out that their stories are the same! All the prostitutes on ‘Girls of Paradise' are dead.


Wondering Why On Earth Somebody Would Create This?

These are the prostitutes who were exploited for their bodies and then they were left to die by their pimps and their heartless clients. Some of these prostitutes were beaten so badly that their faces were unrecognisable.


Few Of Them Even Committed Suicide!

Some of these prostitutes were kidnapped when they were just 15 years old and were forced into prostitution. To avoid the humiliation and in their attempt to find means to be free, few have committed suicide by jumping out of the window or done something bad to themselves.

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Few Hacked To Death With A Knife!

Some of these prostitutes were hacked to death with a knife. One of the worst cases was when the girl was stabbed 54 times by her client!


Women On This Site Are Or Were 100% Real!

All the stories of these women are real. The pictures that you see of these woman are real. They once lived but now are dead because of their profession!


Objective Of The Site!

Objective of creating this site is to create an awareness about prostitution and what it does to the women in the profession.

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