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    This Is What Happens When You Delete Mobile From Your Life

    The moment we wake up, the first thing we do is grab our phone. We look at it to check our unread messages, the time and what not! Life without mobile phone just seems incomplete.

    This is a project that was worked on by a photographer named Eric Pickersgill. It has been titled "Removed". It was initiated and inspired by an observation he made while sitting in a local cafe.

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    Check out these images, as they are very powerful and have captured in the best way possible as to how dependent we are on technology in our lives at present.

    Imagine removing the mobile from our lives and see how we humans are in reality without a mobile. This photographer has captured these moments in the right frame and surely made us get a reality check.


    It's A Pool Party!

    Parties are all about catching up with friends whom we meet after a while or so. Here, in this picture, it shows that even when we are with friends, we prefer texting the ones who aren't around.


    Capturing A Moment…

    Looks like this woman in the picture is busy capturing something that is happening in the surrounding. It may be an accident or a building that has caught fire. This shows how we stop everything that we are doing and bring out to click pictures instead of helping people in need.


    Every Night Story…

    We love our social life so much that we take it along with us to our beds. It shows how the couple is so engrossed in their phones that they do not have time to even cuddle each other.


    An Approaching Car…

    We are so constantly engrossed in our phones that we do not wish to miss a single group chat or a friend's call at any given time. In this picture, the same happened, as the driver was engrossed in looking at the phone and not the approaching vehicle.


    Is This Even Love?

    Are we in love with our partners or is it the mobile phone that we love the most? Even while sitting on the partner's lap, the couple is busy checking the newsfeed on social sites!


    This Still Looks Apt!

    Seems like she is busy checking on her Google maps for the direction, before she starts her journey. This defines as to how dependent we are to find our destinations!


    Mother-Like Daughter!

    Instead of taking the child out and having some memorable things to do, the mother-daughter duo are busy with their phone and tablet. Looks like the child loves to play games on the tab, rather than going out!

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    We Guess, They Were On A Holiday!

    Look at the couple! Seems like they're on a perfect holiday. But, hey wait, they are busy enjoying with their mobile phones than having a good time with each other!


    Family Seems To Be Lost…

    Looks like the dad and mum are busy in their own world, even when there is fire around.


    A Father Waiting To Talk…

    Seems like the father of these two daughters is patiently waiting to talk to his daughters, while the daughters are busy with their phones.


    He Is Not Alone

    This man surely knows how to pass his time, as he is all busy with his phone and we bet, he does not need company, as he is quite content in being by himself.


    A Family Where There Is No Personal Connection!

    This family picture shows us the fact on how dedicated we are to our mobile phones. It does not matter even if they are on the dining table, as they are busy with their phones.


    Couch Addiction!

    It is a perfect moment to make the environment romantic, but hey wait, the couple is busy with their respective phones again!


    Kids' Play Time

    These kids apparently enjoy breaking the high-score records in their favourite games, as they do not like playing outdoor games.


    Friends Deciding On A Place

    Looks like these friends are busy deciding on their day's plan of either booking a place using their phones or are busy checking on the reviews of the restaurant. Damn, do you think we can survive without mobile phones for once????

    Do share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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