Signs That You Are A Sex Addict!

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Making love is something that one should enjoy; and if making love becomes an obsession or a sudden craving, then there is something that you should look out for.

There are a few signs that confirm if a person is a sex addict or not. These signs are something that one needs to pay close attention to, as this can be a severe problem later on.

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Craving for sex or waiting for opportunities to get laid in bed are some of the signs that a person should not ignore, as this can be due to addiction of lovemaking!

Check out for the signs which prove that you are an addict to lovemaking.


You Feel Powerless!

You cannot think about anything else apart from lovemaking. The thoughts about different types of lovemaking scenes keep running in your mind, even if you do not wish to think of them. This makes you feel powerless.


When Relationships Get Messed Up

When you are in a relationship, you tend to get physical ASAP. In other words, commitment means "getting physical" in your words. If you think that this is how your mind works, then you need to give it a serious thought.


Masturbation Is The Only Thing That Runs In Your Mind!

From the time you wake up, to the time you take a shower or even while you're at your work, you might end up touching your privates. All this would be unintentional touches, as the thoughts about masturbation might be going on in your mind.


Being Preoccupied With Sex

There would hardly be any time when you would think of anything else, as your brain might be occupied with the lovemaking scenes. This is a sure sign to show that you are a sex addict!


Exploit Others For The Act

Just to get the momentary pleasure, you would involve others in the act. This might be dangerous, as in the process of exploring their sexuality and choices, many contract sex-related diseases. Hence, this should be given a serious thought!


You Live A Double Life

You are friendly with people around, yet deep down you have your mind running on what are the sexual things that you could do with that person. Though these are just thoughts, they need to be controlled, as it can lead to some serious problems later on.

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