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Your Little Finger Reveals How Secretive You Are!

There are various personality tests that one can try, as these can shed light on something new about oneself.

There are some tests based on scientific studies, while a few are more subjective. A personality test was discovered in South Korea, which was derived from the ancient practice of palmistry.

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In this test, it was revealed that the basics of a personality type can be deciphered with just a single variable and that is the pinky/little finger!

Wondering how this is even possible? How to judge a personality based on the size of the little finger? Well, it can be studied, and the size of the little finger can speak volumes about a person's personality as a whole, especially with regards to the way they communicate and interact with the people around them.

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So, check out the results, which are pretty interesting and accurate!


If The Little Finger Is SHORT!

If the tip of your pinky finger is below the top joint of your ring finger, it is an indication that you are shy and reserved as a person and this trait is quite strong when it is around strangers. It also means that as a person you have big dreams, but due to your timid personality, it holds you back from going after them.


If The Little Finger Is EVEN!

If the top of the pinky finger is about the same height as the top knuckle of the ring finger, then it is said that you are most likely to have an even personality type with having a balanced, mellow personality. It also indicates that people around you need to know you well before they realise your warmth and fascinating personality.


If The Little Finger Is LONG!

If the little finger extends past the top knuckle of your ring finger, it indicates that you are charming and very sociable. But you would not be lucky in everything, as you need to work harder than other personality types to prove that you are trustworthy and reliable.


If The Little Finger Is LOW SET!

To analyse this kind, you should check if the base of the fingers seem to form a gentle semicircle and the pinky is set well below the other fingers on your palm. It indicates that you tend to live in a dream world with many plans and aspirations. But you would face trouble translating those ideas in the real world.


If The Little Finger Is Of The SAME LENGTH!

This is a rare case, as very few people have their pinky finger as long as their ring finger. It indicates that the individuals are driven and power-hungry. They also have the potential to wreak havoc.


If The Little Finger Is SQUARE!

If the tip seems to form a flat, horizontal line, then your pinky finger is said to have a square tip. It indicates that you have a handful of admirable qualities. As a person, you may also tend to be extremely blunt and plainspoken. Your honesty and forthrightness will win a lot of trust.


If The Little Finger Is POINTED!

If the finger is pointed, your little finger tends to appear or slant on either side towards a higher juncture at the centre. These people are said to be excellent public speakers and writers. They tend to be eloquent, yet diplomatic individuals.


If The Little Finger Is CURVED!

If the pinky finger appears to be curved towards or away from your other fingers, it is known as curved or a crooked pinky. It is an indication of fear or confrontation. If the pinky finger is pointing towards or away from your other digits, then you are perceived to be a deal-maker, a peace-broker and a bridge between disconnected people.

So, are you checking your hand after reading all this? If yes then do share your thougthts in the comment section below.

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