List Of World's Costliest Drugs That Will Shock You!

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Drugs are getting common these days and death due to drugs is silently increasing. According to a report, some drugs can cost a bomb, yet somehow they are in circulation and their ill effects never seem to cease.

Here, we are about to share the list of the most costliest drugs in the world. These are the drugs that are both legal and illegal.

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Check out the list, as it is quite fascinating to see the drugs that are legal to be this costly!

From the rape drug to LSD and many more, these drugs have managed to earn great money, while making people get addicted to them.

Find out more.



This is considered to be the most expensive drug in the world. Reports claim that the cost of this medication is nearly $1.2 million! The side effects of these drugs include pain in the legs, headache, tiredness, high body temperature, and even high level of enzymes.



This is also known as the date rape drug or the 'love pill'. This drug apparently increases the perception of colour and sound. The cost per pill is said to be approximately around $68. The person who uses this drug suffers from depression, confusion, severe anxiety, and psychotic behaviour.



This drug is used to cure a genetic condition. The cost of medication is around $350,000. The side effects of these drugs are that the patient may pass out or have trouble in breathing with noted swelling on the face.



This is the most common illicit drug that people use. The cost of this illegal drug is said to be around $250 per ounce (28 grams). The side effect of this drug may make the person suffer from short-term memory problems.

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Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD)

This drug has the power to change moods in seconds. Reports claim that a gram of LSD would nearly cost $200,000. Though this drug is illegal, it is widely used. The side effects are quite shocking, as it can even lead to death!



This is also a prescription drug that is used to breakdown the RBCs (red blood cells) and reduce its count. Overdose of this drug can easily make a person pass out. The drug can easily cost a person up to $440,000 per year for its use in treatment.



This drug was used as an anesthetic drug. However, doctors had to stop its use after the patients complained of hallucinations. Apparently, the drug costs around $600 for just one ounce!


Crack Cocaine

The crystal form of cocaine is said to be highly addictive. The cost of this drug is said to vary from region to region, but a standard rate of this drug is around $600 per gram.



This drug is highly addictive and is illegal in most of the countries. Overdosing on this drug can cost a person his/her life. This drug costs around $1330 per gram. People who generally use this drug are said to develop a dependence on it.

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Story first published: Friday, February 10, 2017, 11:45 [IST]
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