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Lies You Were Told About Woman's Body

While we grow up, there are many things that we are taught. Who better than parents can help us know the difference between good and bad, and then there are those lies!!

Here, we are going to share the list of lies that our moms have told us with regards to a woman's body.

Now, we know how moms can be so over-protective at times and trust us, they don't even mind lying. These pointers listed below are also few such lies which we've been believing in; almost all our lives!

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Most of these beliefs and teachings regarding a woman's body barely make any sense. Hence, check out on how your whole childhood has been a lie!

"No Chutney Or Achaar During Periods!"

We are still finding a scientific explanation for this one. Only moms know why they came up with this lie.

Photo Credit: Giphy

"Drinking Too Much Chai Will Darken Your Skin"

Yeah, this is something that most of us have grown up with! This was an easy trick to keep the kids away from chai!

Photo Credit: Giphy

"Dark Complexion Girls Should Not Wear Bright Colours"

Whoever said this must have had a bad eyesight! Come on, there is no logic to this, and this sentence makes no sense, yet we as kids believed it!

Photo Credit: Giphy

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"You Shouldn't Wash Your Hair During Periods"

This is the time when a woman needs to be more careful about her hygiene and such rules are only meant to be broken!

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"If You Aren't Thin, No One Will Marry You!"

Oh, this is something that your neighbourhood aunty would keep complaining to your mum! Weight issues are personal matters and we don't need ant advice on these! Thank you!!

“Unmarried Girls Shouldn’t Wear Dark Makeup”
Photo Credit: Giphy

"Unmarried Girls Shouldn't Wear Dark Makeup"

This is another lie that has been told to us during our teenage years! Who doesn't love black lipstick?! And why on earth shouldn't we wear it?

There are so many such other lies that our moms have told us about! If you wish to list any of them, then feel free to share them with us in the comment section below.

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