Kids Raised By Strict Parents Usually Undergo This!

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Spending time with our families is the best thing that can happen to anyone. But what happens when this happiness gets restricted? And when it is said that it is being done for your good?

This is something that most of us have gone through and experienced, especially when we have been raised by really strict parents!

Here are some of the hilarious, funny, yet sad things that most of the strict parents have done to their kids in order to train them well! In a verge of disciplining the child, strict parents somehow lose connectivity with their children. And kids even do face challenges when raised under strict parents.

Check out, as we bet there are a few rules out there which were laid even by parents who were lenient!

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We Wonder Why This Rule Was Ever Made?

While all friends hang out, there would be one friend who would leave early or it would be you who would have to leave early. This is because the phone has been constantly ringing or there is a time schedule set for you!


No Sleepovers

We wonder how many of us would have had any sleepovers while we were in school or college! Though we would have friends whose parents would let them sleepover, our parents wouldn't approve of the same, as it is simply not COOL!


Planning For A Late-night Party Takes Days To Convince!

There you go, planning to have night-out parties? Then, it definitely comes with the baggage of convincing parents days prior to the party day, at least for the kids raised by strict parents (We bet, some would not even let them go out even after all the emotional drama!)


Wait For The Right Mood!

You gotta wait for the right mood to tell them about something important that you have been holding up for long and are too scared to express! Yes, these are the things we have well faced with strict parents.


“Asking Them Again” Would Make No Difference!

Once a 'NO', is always a 'NO'. Wonder why friends keep insisting us to ask our parents again and again for the plans that are made with friends?


Family Discussions Are About Academics!

This is something that most of us have hated! No matter how well you are good in your studies, there is a better student out there whom your parents know and you are being tortured with their names all the time!

There are many other things that people with strict parents go through. If you have any comments on this, then do share in the comment section below.

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