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Karma Quotes That Will Simply Make You Feel Good!

The moment we are hurt, the first thing that most of us do is 'curse the person who hurt us', and in them, wise are those who wait and watch Karma to play its magic.

There are a few Karma quotes that we sharing here to remind you that justice will be served at the end and it is all about the KARMA, my friend!

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Check out for some of these best known karma quotes to boost up your spirits and beat up those Monday blues.


Quote #1

"In The End Karma Will Be A Bigger Bitch Than I'll Ever Need To Be".

So all out there need to realise that we do not have to react at that very moment for all the problems that we face. Instead, let time do the talking.


Quote #2

"A Person's True Colours Will Always Show Within Time. You May Be Fooled For The Moment, But Be Patient And See What Happens".

Does this even need any explanation? We're sure that is why people say "let Karma do the talking".


Quote #3

"Karma Is A Good Judge Of Character, And You My Friend Are F**k*d".

Never be low or depressed for what has happened to you, as at the end, my friend, Karma does play its role and you would enjoy it for sure!


Quote #4

"Some People Create Their Own Storms And Cry When It Rains".

These are the people who try to dig a hole to trouble others, but they eventually fall into their own trap. So, never over-react for what's happening around you!


Quote #5

"Sooner Or Later Everyone Sits Down To A Banquet Of Consequences".

Never assume or make yourself feel victimized, as when time passes by, you realise why things were meant to work that way.

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Quote #6

"Karma Is Like A Rubberband That You Can Only Stretch It So Far Before It Comes Back And Smacks You In The Face!"

The more deeper you dig a hole for others, you will realise that the more deeper you would fall in the same pit!


Quote #7

"How People Treat You Is Their Karma, How You React Is Yours".

We do not have to react in the same way as how the other person is around us. Instead, be yourself and see things fall in place at the right time.

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