How To Make Monday Your Favourite Day!

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There are hardly few people on this earth who are happy on a Monday morning! But one can do certain things to make this day a favourite day of the week! Wondering how? To know how, continue reading.

Be it school, college or even your work, nobody likes a Monday morning, as none of them are satisfied with the weekend.

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Wondering how Mondays can be turned into a favourite day of the week? Then, here are certain tips on how to make Mondays great!

Some of these tips can become a source of excitement or they can even give you a kick-start to a great Monday morning!

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Wear Something New

Did you know that dressing up for the role will help in performing better? Well, it does. Wearing on something new or just dressing up according to your role will help in fighting off those Monday blues.


Do Some Weekend-ish Stuff!

Do something that you would normally reserve for the weekends on Mondays. Go on a date or go to a fun event like a movie or play. This will not only confuse your day's schedule, but will vanish them Monday blues, as you would start looking forward for Mondays.


Eat Something Different!

There is no comparison to this! Try something new for your lunch or snack time. This will keep you motivated for the day and such small things will help you get through the day with a smile on your face.


Make A New Music List Every Monday

You do not have to go by the regular station or the list that you have been hearing to every day. Instead, plug-in for songs that might surprise you. This little thing will definitely surprise you and trust us, it surely works.


Achieve Something Major

Make a schedule and start the day and be sure to achieve on the set goal. Once it is done, it would simply make you happy, as you will realise that nothing is impossible. This way, you would slowly start looking forward for a Monday!

Do you know of more exciting ways to start your Monday mornings with? Let us know in the comment section below.

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