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How Nuclear Poisoning Changed Lives In A Jharkhand Village

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This article is written on the basis of many claims about the happenings in a small village of Jharkhand that has been affected by nuclear poisoning.

Disclaimer: Sources of this article have been provided at the end of the article. P.S. for reference.

This is the story of a village in Jharkhand where nuclear poisoning has affected the daily life of mankind and how people are ignorant of this grave situation.

Check out how the lives of these villagers have changed and there is hardly anything that is done to make things better here.

So find out the story behind the people who have got affected due to nuclear poisoning in this village named 'Jadugoda".

These are the images of the younger generation of people who are vastly affected by nuclear poisoning. Check these images...



Parvati Gope

She is just 17 years old and she is suffering from Lumbar Scoliosis, which is an S curve formation of her vertebral column. Her parents are finding ways to get money for her treatment as it is expensive, but there is hardly any help they have received from the government.


Rakesh Gope

He is a school-going 13-year-old kid who is suffering from muscular dystrophy. Despite his condition where he cannot walk properly due to the severely arched feet and soles that are arched upwards, he is extremely active and walks around.


Kartik Gope

This sweet little young boy is just 3 years old and has been suffering from seizures. He has developed muscular dystrophy as well. His mother holds on to her boy in the hope of getting any medical aid from the government.


Haradhan Gope

He has a deformed skull and skeleton and has his teeth missing as well. This boy makes us realise how severe nuclear poisoning is.


Anamika Uraon

She is just 13 years old and her tumour is getting bigger with every passing year! The flesh on one side is so enlarged and weighty that it is drooping. Her image would definitely haunt many.

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