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Unusual Ways In Which A Dead Body Can Be Used

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When we lose our loved ones, departing from them forever seems to be so unreal. We tend to hold them or find a way where we can have them around us.

In this state, there are different ways that one can have their departed loved one by their side forever.

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From making jewels out of the dead to making fertilizers to having seeds grown, there are different ways that people find of making use of dead bodies and thereby not wanting to let go of their dear ones.

Here are some of the unique and bizarre ideas that people have tried.


Tree Fertilizers

A company named Bios Urns started offering biodegradable urns in 2011. A seed is placed in along with the fertilizers of the dead body. Over a period of time, the seed grows and becomes a tree!


The Diamonds!

Though this sounds impossible, this can actually work as an American company actually turns dead bodies into diamonds. Since the human body contains a great amount of carbon, it can make more than 50 diamonds from an individual's body!

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A Soap!

Hell, yeah, this sounds creepy and scary, but there are companies out there too, which are using the human body to make soaps! Soaps are produced by mixing human fats with some chemicals.


Used For Extracting Metals

"Crematorium recycling" began in the United Kingdom in 2004, where the metals are extracted from the dead bodies and used for various reasons. From the street lights to airplane engines, these metals from the dead are being used!


Turning The Dead Into Powder!

A Swedish company has a deal with the mortuaries of the town where the bodies are put into deep freezers to freeze it completely like ice. Once it freezes completely, then it is put into a vibrator, which turns it into a fine powder. Later, the metals are extracted from it. The remaining powder is mixed with corn flour and buried in a vessel. The mixture decomposes in a year's time and this is considered to be the most environmental friendly idea of burial.


Feeding The Wild

In Tibet, the dead bodies are chopped into pieces and mixed with wheat flour and butter. The mix is then fed to the wild birds on the mountains. The vultures relish it to the most.


Car Crash Tests

There are certain tests where the dummies used in car crashes cannot reveal the exact amount of damage done to the human body. In these tests, the companies buy dead bodies and use them for the tests!

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Story first published: Friday, November 24, 2017, 14:48 [IST]
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