Most Bizarre Uses Of The Human Body

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There is a lot that can happen with a human body. Though this sounds bizarre, people have found ways of using a human body.

Check out some of the most bizarre and weird ways as how people use human bodies.

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These things can sound disgusting, but yet, they are trending off late as people are keen on trying out the bizarre things that one can do with a human body!

Find out some of the interesting things that can be done with human bodies...


The Earwax Candles!

This bizarre invention was inspired by the animated movie Shrek, in which the main character Shrek-pulls out a wad of his own earwax and lit it like a candle! We still say why do this?


Eating Placenta!

It is believed that eating the placenta benefits the mother when she is recovering after delivery. It helps to increase the energy levels and also helps to fight off postpartum depression. There are various recipes about placenta dishes that people can try from! Some recipes include smoothies, desserts and lasagna as well.
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Making Beer Using Urine!

This is the latest human biological innovation in which human urine is used to make beer! The fact is urine is not actually in the beer. Instead, the beer companies are using urine as a fertiliser for the barley that is used later in the brewery. Sounds bizarre right?


Semen Dishes!

There are people out there who prefer to cook with semen and consume it! There are many cookbooks that provide readers with numerous recipes about how they could use semen to enrich their dishes.


Fertilisers Made Using Menstrual Blood!

This has a scientific angle for using menstrual blood as it contains nitrogen, that plays a vital role during photosynthesis and in a plant's growth. Hence many people fertilise their gardens with their menstrual blood!


Styling Hair With Dead Hair!

Dead hair is useless and gross, but did you know that this is one of the biggest industries where people use dead hair to make wigs and style hair? Hairpieces, wigs and other styling tools are all made using dead hair!


Jewels Made Of Teeth

Did you know that human teeth of all kinds are found in jewellery and it is one of the most trending things in town. The most bizarre and apparently weird romantic idea is using a removed wisdom tooth and using it in the place of the "gem" of an engagement ring! (We hope the trend does not continue for long.)


Faeces That Is Edible!

Apparently a Japanese scientist is said to have discovered a way to synthesise human faeces into meat for people to consume! Though the researchers claim it to be untrue, it is believed that there is a possibility of even making such a "meat."


Instruments Made Of Bones

An Aztec instrument called omichicahuatztli was made from human bone and since then human bones are used in making instruments as they are very strong and durable.


Art Made Using Nail Clippings

This is one of the bizarre things that a man can do. They use chipped nails to make paperweights or figurines that get sold for hundreds of dollars and this is something that is gaining popularity!

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