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Man M*sturbated And Stared At A Girl Inside A Public Jeepney

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When you step out of your house, how safe are you? Incidents and cases that get reported every other day make us realise that humanity is dying at a very fast pace in today's world!

A young girl named "Cha Vinuya", who was getting back home, was harassed by a pervert who masturbated on her in a moving jeep. This incident took place in the Philippines. She shared the harrowing experience on her social site and the world is disgusted about it!

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She Was On Her Way Back Home…

This poor student named "Cha Vinuya" was riding back home when the incident occurred. The pervert started masturbating while inside a jeepney that she was riding in. The pervert was seen sitting next to her while he performed the act.


She Was Helpless

The poor girl felt weak and helpless as the pervert was right next to her. She mentioned on her post that she wanted to scream and stop the jeep to get off - but then she was frozen with fear.


People Knew What He Was Doing

The man's actions were noticed by other people as well who were travelling in the jeep, but they were scared to take any action, as they feared he would do something to the poor girl. The victim could only stay still, as she was scared that she might get stabbed or attacked by the man if she attracted attention or did something to stop him.

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She Knew The World Would Backlash At Her…

Even though she was harassed by the pervert, she knew people would point out fingers at her and blame her for no reason. She clearly mentioned in the post that she was dressed in an uniform and not in any revealing clothes, to give people an idea that perverts don't really choose people they wish to victimize and it's not the fault of girls always, as per what the society feels.

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