Girl's Perfect Reply When A Guy Asked Her For Nudes

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There is hardly any girl who does not receive unwanted messages from a stranger. Whoever has a social account will definitely be used to this unwanted attention and sleazy requests.

Check out the story of a girl who had a perfect reply to a guy who asked her for her nude pictures.

Gone are the days when people used to ignore strangers, stalker messages and lewd comments. We live in an era where people lose control on a drop of a pin and instantly react to it.

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What this girl did to the stranger's request will only give an idea of how to tackle such lame requests and a lesson to learn on how one needs to handle the perverts online!

So, check out the classic reply and learn something from it.

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How It Started?

After just a hello, hi, this guy went on to another level and directly asked the girl these things! We must say, he did have guts or may be this girl was one of his targets!


She Gave A Juicy Reply!

She asked him if he wanted to see her body, thighs and even her breasts! We bet, his heart would be pumping out when he would have seen those messages.


She Even Had A Tasty Reply!

A moment of silence for the poor lad who would have been all excited to see some "real pics"! These smoking hot pictures of tasty chicken should do all the talking!!


She Wanted To Grease Him More!

She did not stop with the leg piece or breast piece of the chicken, instead she went on and gave him a little more than what he'd never expected his way.


Lesson Learnt, The Hard Way!

We bet, the guy would have cursed this witty smart girl for what she did! Now, this is how you expose the unwanted perverts!

Good going girl!! If you have any such incident that can be shared on our site, then do share it in the comment section below.

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