Chilling Postmortem Pics Of Celebs!

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Note: This piece of writing is not for the faint-hearted, pregnant or for those who have a weak heart, as some of these images might haunt you for the rest of your day!

Waking up on a fine day and reading about the sudden death of your famous idol or celeb will not only break your heart, but the theory behind their sudden death will keep haunting you for life!

Here, we are about to share some of the chilling postmortem pictures of famous celebs who have had unnatural deaths.

These celebs are the ones who have been famous and were an idol for many. Their sudden deaths have completely shocked the world, and it also makes people Google about their last moments and pictures to find any clues as to why they were killed so brutally.

Without any more details, let's check these postmortem pictures of these celebs.


Marilyn Monroe

She was one of the most beautiful ladies in the world at her time. She was found dead in her bed by her housekeeper. She died on 5th August, 1962. Acute barbiturate poisoning was reported as the cause for her death.


River Phoenix

He was a famous musician, actor and a great activist. He died on 31st October, 1993. The postmortem reports revealed that his blood contained "diazepam and ephedrine". This meant that he was using heroin and cocaine heavily.


Paul Walker

His sudden demise shook the world, as he was an idol for millions! He died on 30th November, 2013. He was killed in a car accident. His postmortem reports reveal that he died on the spot due to the injuries he sustained from the car collision.


Princess Diana

She was one of the most beautiful princesses. She died in a car crash. Even though she was immediately moved to a nearby hospital, she suffered multiple heart attacks on the way, which caused her death.


Whitney Houston

She was found dead with her face down in the bath tub. According to the postmortem reports, she was on a heavy dose of marijuana, cocaine, and Flexeril, which led to her death.


Anna Nichole Smith!

She was found unresponsive in a hotel room in Hollywood, Florida. Her autopsy report revealed that she had died of "combined drug intoxication".


John F. Kennedy

He was the president of the United States Of America. Unfortunately, his tenure was cut short in 1963 when he was assassinated by an assassin in Houston, Texas. The final postmortem picture of this president shows him with open eyes and mouth, which makes it even more depressing to see!

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Story first published: Thursday, January 12, 2017, 20:05 [IST]
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