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Funny Things That Only Indians Can Sell Online!

With everything becoming digital these days, there are a few loopholes wherein people tend to make the best use of it to troll the world.

Indians are known for their witty sense of humour and the things that they sell online makes us realise as to how funny Indians can be.

Here are some of the most funniest things that people have tried selling online.

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We bet, the list will surely make you laugh with how these guys have trolled these online sites. Check them out!


Pic #1

This guy surely has some great sense of humour!


Pic #2

This guy is so frustrated with his wife that he is selling her!


Pic #3

We guess only Ambani can afford to buy this cat!


Pic #4

We wonder what does 'trained ducks' mean!


Pic #5

What stamina is this guy trying to explain about!


Pic #6

Is this transistor being sold by Amir Khan, as it is so costly?

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Pic #7

Guess, we Indians can sell anything and everything!


Pic #8

This particular cock is said to have a "good body language"!


Pic #9

This is not something that we would like to see, as the guy seems to be making fun of the missing flight!


Pic #10

Is this cycle really 23 years old?!

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