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Ever Wondered Why We Ring Bells On Special Occasions?

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There is a reason behind most of the things that we do in life. We may sometimes blindly follow few of the rituals; however, they do have a significance and a reason behind it. One such thing is about ringing bells during special occasions.

Check out the reasons on why people tend to ring bells during special occasions. Does it have any significance at all? Or is it just a blind faith?

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When we hear a bell ring, it is often considered to be auspicious and it seeks our attention in no time. Apart from this, it is generally done during a puja or in a church mostly during a prayer meet. So, learn more about the significance of ringing a bell, which is listed in the points mentioned below.

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It Indicates Peace And Unity

The bell sound has different meanings, and one of the most important meanings is the sign of peace and unity it conveys to the people around. It is considered as a symbol of peace, just like a dove.


For Good Vibes

In Feng Sui, bells play an important role and are considered to be an amazing source for attracting positive energies and vibes towards it, and it also clears away all the negativity around you.


They Act As An Anti-Dote To Your Thoughts

Most of the bells are made of different metals like cadmium, zinc, copper, lead, nickel, manganese, and chromium. They are mixed in such an appropriate proportion that when a bell rings, the sound of these bells gives a healing touch to your body. It also makes you forget all the tensions for a while.


It Is Considered As An Evil Spirit Repellent!

Though we're living in the 21st century, there are supernatural powers and superstitious beliefs. It is said that ringing bells helps to ward off the evil spirits. In olden days, it was also used as a part of exorcism to shoo away an evil spirit from a possessed body.


It's A Symbolism For New Life!

Bells are also considered to be a popular symbol of a new life. Hence, this is why you see it being rung the most in auspicious occasions like a wedding ceremony!


Helps You To Live In The Moment!

The sound of a bell tends to awaken your body and soul. The sound of the bells helps to echo on the human aura, as it tends to make us focus more in the present moment. In other words, it grabs a person's attention.


Bells Are A Sign Of Celebration

In earlier days, bells were used to indicate happiness, sadness, or even warnings! But over the period of time, it has evolved and now bells are used to symbolise happiness alone.


It Is A Reminder To Worship

It is also considered as a reminder for everyone to worship, to pray and to believe in the best. The sound of bells also restores the faith in everything good in life.

What else do you think defines the reasons as to why people ring bells. Do share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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