Ever Wondered Why Girls Sexually Fantasise About Other Girls?

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Being sexually attracted to other humans is a common thing that happens to all of us. But what happens when you get confused about your own sexuality while being straight?

This article is all about the facts that prove why women get attracted to other women.

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It does not stop there, as they sexually fantasise about other women as well! Find out the reasons which make women fantasise over other women in all right ways!!

According to a recent survey, about 74% of the women who identified themselves as straight were "strongly sexually aroused to videos of both attractive men and attractive women."

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Hence, check out on the reasons that make women attracted to other women.


It Comes Naturally…

Researchers have claimed that this could be linked to the natural affection women tend to show towards one another when they socialise. Be it from chatting on the phone for hours to snuggling during chick flicks. It is all natural!


It's A Genuine Feeling

A recent study has revealed that almost all women are said to be sexually attracted to both men and women. So, when a woman is being turned on about another female, then it could just be a natural thing that you can't control!


It's Just A Fantasy

Sexual fantasies really don't mean anything, after all they're just fantasies! Its sole purpose is that it is an imaginary thing you think up. It doesn't always have a deeper meaning. This has even been proven by science.


It Can Be A Sign That She Is A Lesbian!

Thinking about other women could be a sign that a girl may be a lesbian or bisexual. It could mean that she is romantically into women, and is currently suppressing those feelings.


Being Attracted To Women Physically

Some women are attracted to other women in a purely physical way. Studies have revealed that half of heterosexual women are attracted to other women. They are taught to have an intimate bond with other women, which can increase sexual feelings and physical attraction.


Studies Reveal…

An experiment was conducted, in which porn of both the sexes were shown to certain women. The findings revealed that straight women were said to be strongly sexually aroused by videos of both attractive men and women, even when they claimed to be straight and chose men as their sexual preference. Hence, proving that women's sexual preferences tend to be a grey area!

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Story first published: Tuesday, March 21, 2017, 10:35 [IST]
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