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What Do Your Nipples Say About You?

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People tend to believe a lot in palmistry, numerology, astrology, etc. But amidst all this, have you heard about nipple reading? Yeah, this is the latest craze that people are experimenting with as all humans have nipples!

It is all about revealing about a person's personality based on the nipple's appearance. The size, shape, colour and appearance of the nipples can reveal a lot of traits.

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The most interesting part of this study is when the person who is the subject of the study needs to be calm and poised, otherwise the judgment would not be the same!

Wondering how? Find out as to how one can judge a person based on the nipple's appearance.


Pale Coloured Nipples

If a person is said to have pale-coloured nipples, it indicates a gentle nature and a soothing caring personality. Such people are said to be dreamers who like to linger in their thoughts. They love to enjoy serving others out of love and devotion. And are also said to be practical and considerate in life.


Medium Coloured Nipples

It is said that women who have medium-toned nipples that are combined with a large breast indicate that a woman is confident and she is not afraid to voice out her opinions. These type of women are competitive in nature and do not budge in or compromise for wrong doings. They are not necessarily leaders, but are idolised in some way.


Dark Coloured Nipples

It is said that women with dark nipples are said to have a good sense of humour. They are warm and loving and are often intrigued by other people. Material things do not appeal to them and they are not attracted to the arts.


Round Shaped Nipples

This shape of the nipple denotes that the person is a social butterfly and these people are excellent at juggling with many friends. Even though they have many friends, they are not close to all. They like to be where the action is and are said to be the life of parties.


Oval Shaped Nipples

It is said that people with oval shaped nipples are said to have around 5 close friends in their lifespan. Emotionally they feel low about themselves and this makes others feel a little weird being around them, as they are not social beings.


Square Shaped Nipples

Sounds weird, right? But yeah, this shape of nipples does exist and people who have these are said to be loners or have a close friend at one point of time. They hate parties and also dread in socialising.

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Flat Nipples

It is said that the person who has flat nipples is said to be a romantic and sensual being in nature. They love kissing and foreplay. They are not obsessed with climax when it comes to lovemaking, as they see sex as a beautiful and loving way to express emotions.


Inverted Nipples

It is said that people with inverted nipples are said to enjoy more while they are pleasuring their partners. It makes them feel powerful and selfless.


Risen Nipples

It signifies the person is highly sexually active. They know how to enjoy life. They can also have a sexual relationship with someone without having an emotional connection to them.

What do you think of this analysis? Do share your thoughts on this in the comment section below.

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