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Do These Things In The First Hour Of Your Day

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Did you know that most successful people around the world do five things every single morning? These things help in organising the schedule of the entire day.

Studies have proved that the first hour of the day is quite critical, as it can impact the productivity level and create a great mindset for the rest of the day.

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Hence, having these things set in the first hour is important and here we are about to share these 5 important things that are really important to do first thing in the morning if you wish to succeed.

Find out more about these important things that you can do during the day's start.

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Avoid Any Tech Contact!

Never start your day by checking your phone in the morning. This is the most common mistake that most of us do. Studies have proved that checking your phone in the morning has a negative effect on your mental health, as things from the previous day can make you feel like you have a cloud over your head. So, avoid checking your phone first thing in the morning.


Freshen Yourself Up

Taking care of personal hygiene gives a sense of freshness and optimism. Drink a small glass of water to get your system running. It helps in avoiding any kind of dehydration that the body would have undergone from the previous night. It can also help decrease symptoms of depression. So, make sure you do this every morning.


Mild Exercise And Stretches

Lying in the same position for an elongated period of time causes the body to develop stiffness. Stretching improves the blood circulation, relieves tension and it also increases the flexibility that a body needs before doing any activity. Hence, doing this early morning is quite important.


Do Your Chores And Make Your Bed

Doing this task helps to avoid stress in the morning and clears your mind. There is no better feeling than coming back to a tidy environment after a stressful day as well.


Visualise & Plan Your Day Ahead

Set yourself some goals. Think about them, and plan on how you will go about it. If required, add a few things in your weekly planner or in your ‘to-do list' if anything pops up in your head. This helps to organise and visualise things in a better way!

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 25, 2017, 10:13 [IST]
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