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Did You Know That Doing These Things Online Is Illegal?

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Internet laws are always quite confusing, since the laws keep constantly changing and we are not lawyers to know each of them.

From pirating music albums, to streaming movies from Torrent or a sketchy site, we all have done all of this! Of course, we know all these things are illegal; however, we'd still do it.

So, check out on the list of things that are totally illegal and yet most of us do it while on the internet! Though some of these we know are illegal, there are even other things as well which we may be unaware of as being illegal.

Find out the list of these illegal things that we cannot get rid of soon as we would still continue doing it! However, it's best to steer clear of these things, check them out.


Illegal Downloading Of Movies & TV Shows

Though many countries have banned the "Torrent" site, yet there are ways how people still illegally download movies and TV shows! This must not be done or encouraged.


Texting While Driving

Most of us know that texting is not a good option while driving or riding. However, did you know that it is actually illegal to text on a mobile while driving? Most of the horrifying accidents have occurred due to this and yet people continue doing these sort of online-related things that are illegal.


Ad Blockers

Most of the websites that are active these days have an easy way to make money and they earn their money through ad placing. So, if you use an ad blocker that's illegal!


If You Sell Something On eBay/Any Other Site Without Declaring Your Earnings!

This is something that you would hardly think of while you sell things online! This is one of the important rules that one needs to declare, that is their income, while they sell something on eBay or any other website.


Faking IP Address

This is done mostly to create a fake identity. People fake their IP addresses, especially when they want to do something illegal. Be it downloading movies or watching porn or just anything else, faking IP addresses is just not acceptable!

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Story first published: Monday, January 30, 2017, 12:30 [IST]
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